Private Equity

Today’s financial markets are flooded with equity. Traditional vehicles such as equities and bonds deliver a less-than-satisfactory return on investment, which is why a considerable amount of capital is being channelled into alternative investments. Private equity investors are holding onto a record pile of dry powder, which is reflected in the extremely high enterprise valuations. Now, more than ever before, it is essential to optimise equity holdings acquired at inflated prices so that return targets can be met. This is only possible with the appropriate investor engagement and rigorous implementation by the management.


We supported an investor to assess a takeover candidate’s IT systems. The project included an evaluation of the IT architecture’s efficiency and an assessment of the IT organisation, including processes and procedures, with a special focus on growth capacity, expandability and scalability.

We help investors along the entire investing journey. We perform due diligence audits and health checks in the acquisition phase and then assist with the end-to-end implementation of any necessary measures.