Progressive digitalisation, rapidly-changing consumer behaviour and new competitors have propelled the insurance sector into a formative phase. Customers today want spontaneous protection against risks, even short-lived ones. Continuous innovation is both an opportunity and an obligation; and speed is the key when developing new business models and products.

Insurance companies can and must assume the role of information service provider in dynamic ecosystems. We help them to effectively position themselves and evolve in this challenging and fast-changing environment.


We supported an insurance company and a vehicle manufacturer, both market leaders, to develop and implement a strategic partnership on the basis of a B2B2C business model. It included the development of a synergetic product and service portfolio and a collaborative operating model. It also involved the legal, technical and organisational implementation, and the establishment of the operative business.

This involves the increasing use of new and cooperative business models (e.g. bancassurance, mobility services), efficient organisational structures (e.g. agile, digital, customer-centric) and a reliable, cost-efficient technical infrastructure (e.g. cloud solutions, AI, API).