Why R&C

Are you looking for an interesting career working with great people? As part of our team you’ll be able to fast-track your personal and professional development. We work efficiently, deliver highest quality results and enjoy what we do. Your individual preferences are important to us and that’s why you can look forward to plenty of freedom. We’ll help you to discover what you are capable of, what you want to learn, where your limits are and how to get ready for a top management position. We’re looking for extraordinary individuals to work on extraordinary projects in an extraordinary environment. That’s why we’re different. That’s ritzenhoefer & company.

Who we are looking for

We want to make unique things happen and we’re looking for team players who share that aim.

We are business-minded people who encourage real entrepreneurship. Many of our consultants have gone on to found their own businesses. We’re looking for the next generation to transfer our knowledge to.

Our clients demand unconventional solutions. That’s why we’re looking for visionaries who will appreciate the freedom we give them to develop their careers in an inspiring environment.

Entry Opportunities

Consultancy is a people business that often involves finding solutions to complex problems. That’s why we need open-minded, inquisitive and creative individuals with a flair for analytics and communication.

We’re looking for interesting people with diverse educational and professional backgrounds – students, graduates and professionals with various experience.

What we offer

Interesting projects, cool teams, plenty of freedom, fast-track development and, naturally, a competitive salary - from the first day on.

Here at ritzenhoefer & company you’ll be part of a team working on strategic and challenging projects. We take the ‘leading from any chair’ approach, which means that the best idea counts. You’ll interact with clients from day one, and you’ll be fast tracked to acquire methodical and sector competence very quickly.

We reward performance and results, job satisfaction and conformance to high standards based on knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with recognition, numerous opportunities for personal development and an appropriate salary.

And once you’ve arrived, you’ll not want to leave. We do have some alumni though. They are key business strategists, senior managers at DAX-listed companies or pursuing their own entrepreneurial ideas as founders of their own companies.

Why we are special

  1. Dual mission

    We actually have two missions: to deliver maximum added value to our clients and to attract and develop top talents. They complement each other: the achievement of one pays into the achievement of the other.

  2. Company as a platform

    Our company is a platform for personal and professional development. Anyone can contribute and test out their ideas? Are you ready to become what you can be?

  3. Mentoring & learning

    Our commitment to learning is reflected in the targeted training we provide, as well as our respectful and competent feedback. This is how we help each other to develop our strengths. Every new recruit is assigned to an experience mentor who provides one-on-one advice and coaching.

  4. Competence leads

    We follow the ‘leading from any chair’ principle. We encourage people who have something to say to speak up, whether they’re a newcomer or an old-timer. It’s the solution that counts, not seniority.

  5. Purpose beyond consulting

    Consultancy skills and a commitment to social issues are not mutually exclusive. We don’t just drive change through our clients, but also on a pro bono basis in social start-ups and established NGOs such as Socialbnb and Medair. We’re looking forward to your contribution!

  6. Energising network

    Although we work in projects throughout Europe, we meet up every week in person – in our offices in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Bonn and Stuttgart, in a pop-up office on the beach, in the mountains or in a virtual conference from our homes. The time we spend with our colleagues is always inspiring!

  7. Fun & events

    There’s something for everyone in our programme of events: from wildwater rafting and 3D printer building to whiskey tasting. In addition to our events we have a weekly yoga class, hold regular philosophy or wine evenings, and we even train together for marathons. And if there’s an event you’d like to add to the programme you’re welcome to suggest it.

  8. Diversity counts

    We are a melting pot of different areas of expertise and interests, from philosophy and physics to business administration, IT and theology. Our team members also live in very different areas of Germany. Our strength lies in our differences.

How we tick

Get to know your future colleagues and discover how they found their way to ritzenhoefer & company, what happens on applicants’ day and what our consultants do on a regular workday.

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As part of our team you are guaranteed to fast-track your personal and professional development. We are looking for interesting people with a diverse of educational and professional backgrounds – students, graduates and professionals with various experience.

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