What we do

We advise our clients. When they face fundamental changes, we help them to navigate those changes with innovative business models, effective IT strategies or other project deliverables. We work with clients across all industries, from insurance to media, on project content ranging from AI to simplification. We collaborate with them to develop tomorrow’s world.


Business objectives and business strategies are the foundations of any company’s future roadmap. Market trends and technological innovations are the barriers. That’s why it is so important to develop the business strategy and the IT/technology strategy together. It’s also essential for the business strategists and the IT teams to collaborate closely.

Our clients include CEOs, CIOs and CTOs. We support them in the development and implementation of their business strategies.

We strike a balance between conflicting requirements and executive management priorities. In this process we contribute our knowledge of the latest market and technology trends. We act as a sparring partner to make communications more focused and we support the client’s storytelling and visuals.


We are passionate about transformation management. Transformation projects can involve the adaptation of a business model, the revision of a product and service portfolio, the conversion of an entire organisational structure to a new operating model or the replacement of core IT systems.

We are comfortable in these challenging frameworks. We are experts in assessing and managing risks and uncertainties. We use moderation, sparring and problem-solving methods to make key content transparent and avoid stumbling blocks.

During the transformation process we provide analyses and reviews for reliable progress monitoring. And our turnaround experience comes in handy when corrections are necessary.


Innovation is the product of creativity, experimentation, courage and freedom. But the idea is only the first step in the process. Once recognised, an idea has to be consistently implemented if it is to deliver genuine added value.

We help our clients to unleash and channel their powers of innovation. As an external participant, we are able to give them a push in the right direction. And when there are implementation problems we help the client to work through them.

To be more specific, we help the client to create an environment that stimulates and encourages innovation. We host ideation workshops and support the necessary change processes. We contribute the expertise for new products, corresponding processes and the development of business cases.


We have extensive experience in business, IT and organisation. We use that expertise to drive change in projects of all sizes, from individual entity change projects to cross-sector ecosystem solutions.

Every task is a challenge

Special Expertise

Special expertise makes the difference between being involved and adding value. We have a deep understanding of relevant issues and new trends that allows us to evaluate their benefits and deliver expert advice to our clients.

IT Due Diligence

Whatever the target, a comprehensive understanding of IT is essential. We contribute that expertise to support due diligence processes and investment decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence

We don’t just talk about artificial intelligence, we work with it. We combine our expertise in business strategy optimisation with a technical understanding of AI.

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Operations Optimization and Design

To optimise a company’s business processes you have to know that the changes you intend to make will really work. Our digital twins make that possible.

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If you want to reduce complexity you have to understand it. We make it tangible and reduce it permanently with our efficient simplification methods.

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Smart Architecture

We’re architecture experts. However complex the architecture is we make it tangible and utilise it to facilitate targeted change in the organisation.

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True Agility

Agility isn’t the Holy Grail, but it does offer a great deal of potential if you do it right. To transform a company into an agile organisation, you need someone with the necessary experience who has done it before.

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Sustainability and social challenges are the defining features of our time. With our ESG-expertise we help companies and organizations to thrive and support those who really want to make a change.

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