Operations Optimization and Design

The way that a company is run has important implications for both customers and the sales organisation. High process quality and competitive costs are the key to operations optimisation.

A digital twin – a digital representation of a company’s business processes – can simulate operational system behaviour and predict the impact of interventions. A systematic comparison of the replica with real-life operations makes it possible to adjust the digital twin and continuously improve the simulation results. The knowledge gained as a result about internal interrelationships is more valuable than the knowledge gained from a purely heuristic approach, and the quality and performance improvements are accordingly greater.


We created a digital twin for a bank and boosted the bank’s productivity by around ten percent – over an eight-week period – as a result.

We have the methods and tools to create a digital twin of a company’s operations. They include a load profile analysis, the configuration of the analytical queueing model and data input, calibration and validation of the digital twin, scenario simulation and the development of intelligent load management.