Smart Architecture

Have you ever seen the unique architecture of the New York skyline from a plane? Corporate IT architectures are just as impressive because they also evolve over time and cater to hundreds of systems, thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of customers. Once you have seen inside it becomes clear that a transparent IT architecture is a valuable tool for mapping the business strategy and optimising the IT environment.

This is particularly true in comprehensive change processes such as the complete overhaul of IT systems, mergers or the digital transformation-related restructuring and expansion of business models.


We implemented a comprehensive architecture analysis for a telecommunications company in the context of a platform upgrade project. We identified the focus areas, prepared a development roadmap and provided a transformation cockpit.

Our architecture-supported IT transformation methods support every phase of the transformation process to ensure a successful conclusion; from an analysis of the current IT environment and focus areas, the identification and coordination of the target architecture, the development of the implementation strategy and the roadmap to support during implementation.

The core elements of our concept are the tool and repository-supported analysis and visualisation of the IT environment and the individual coordination of the process initial situation to transformation objectives.