100 years ago an outing to the department store, with its perfectly showcased product ranges, was an adventure. A lot of things have changed since then. Today, it’s quicker and cheaper to buy most products online. Consumer ratings affect buying behaviour and intensify competition through transparency.

In other words, retailers today need to build an online presence and reduce the size of their brick-and-mortar stores. High street retailers have to focus on the customer experience and conveniences that web shops cannot provide, such as digital mirrors or VR product demos. The online and offline customer journeys have to be consistent and digital.

In short: retailers need a cohesive all-channel concept. The consumer has to perceive the shopping experience as fast and convenient with attractive prices whatever channel they are using. IT and data are central to delivering that experience. Concepts such as self-service tills and contactless payments are just the first steps.


We helped an international electronic retailer to develop a paperless store and a range of measures to roll out a group-wide digital infrastructure while phasing out the print infrastructure.

We help our clients to understand consumer needs and technology trends, and to develop holistic retail concepts encompassing everything from store design to IT systems.